We would like to take this time to welcome our newest member in 2014 Randy Cross!

Randy Cross
A special WELCOME to our first male member, Randy Cross.

Randy your contribution to UPWA over the years has been a blessing and we are honored for you to be UPWA’s first male Associate Member in our history.

Thank you Randy for your dedication and commitment to your community.

Shevette Floyd two
Mrs. Shevette N. Floyd
Senior Member since 1997
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Membership Coordinator
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Gana Manus

Ms. Gana Manus
Senior Member since 1998
Marketing/Communications Director
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Juanita Duncan
Ms. Juanita Duncan
Senior Member since 1997
Special Events/Volunteer Coordinator
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Mia Mack 2
Ms. Mia Mack
Member since 2011
Volunteer since 2004
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Shiree Booker
Ms. Shiree Booker
Member Since 2012
Volunteer since 2004
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upwa new member
Meet Jeanette Green, UPWA’s newest regular member.

Jeanette has been a volunteer with UPWA for the past three years. We are so excited to have her as one of our newest regular members. Congrats Jeanette!

Janet Hall – Active Volunteer Member/2013
Randy Cross – Active Volunteer member/2014
Nikki Rhem – Active Volunteer Member/1999
Shea Hord – Active Volunteer Member/2002
Cleta Hooks – Active Volunteer Member/1999
Jody Wall – Active Volunteer Member/2006

Out of State Members

Sherry Jackson
– Out of State Member/Texas/1997
Coralea Gosnell – Out of State Member/Arizona/1998
Yvette Jones – Out of State Member/Texas/1997
Kim Shievers – Out of State Member/Georgia/1998
Dee Dee Fonder – Out of State Member/Las Vegas/1999
Janelle Bracey – Out of State Member/Georgia/1998
Kaylee Derkowski – Out of State Member/Georgia/2012


Janet Hall – Auction Volunteer since 2012
Tya Wright – Auction Volunteer since 2008
Cleta Hooks – Auction Volunteer since 1999

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