Events/Fundraisers suspended due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Please note that UPWA has put all events/fundraisers on hold due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Please contact us or call 206.900.5312 for updates.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in UPWA, Urban Professional Women’s Association.  UPWA was started in September of 1997 by two ladies who decided to get a few friends together and do some networking and sisterhood.

By October, both women had found five friends who had the same passion. Then became the first Board of Directors.

To tell you a little about the Urban Professional Women’s Association, we are a local social group of leading professional women in all areas of business.

We are dedicated in building our future of tomorrow.  UPWA is about women getting ahead.  Being one step in front, going the extra mile, making sure our words are not only heard, but also respected, taken very seriously and implemented.

To get ahead in the business world, women like us have to know the unspoken rules of a male dominated corporate culture.  We need to know how to present our ideas with impact and clarity. Women must be assertive, deal authoritatively with difficult people and know how we can turn our feminine strengths into powerful assets!

We are always under construction but our focus is to teach individuals to be strong, independent and positive.  We accomplish this by giving back to the community through our sponsoring and mentoring programs coordinated by Juanita Foy.

We hold several activities yearly and are involved in local charities like the UNCF Walk a thon and Bachelor/Bachelorette Charity Auction, just to name a couple.

We meet each month at different locations and discuss many different topics.  We touch on several issues like: finance, the inner strengths of women, politics and much more.

I invite you to contact us by way of volunteering, donating or being a guest at one of our events.

Best Regards,

Shevette N. Floyd

Co-Founder/Executive Director

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2014 Auction Recipient is Dignity 4 Diva’s. You may visit them at
“Dignity for Diva’s” was our 2014 Bachelor/Bachelorette Charity Auction’s recipient. Please visit their site to learn more about the “Dignity for Diva’s” and what they are doing in the community as well as how you may be able to help.You may visit them at

Please check back to find out next year’s Annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Charity Auction recipient.

Featured Student

Our Featured Student is Tri’Ana Moore. Tri’Ana Moore is a student at Green River Community College studying the Arts.

Congrats to Tri’Ana Moore. She graduated with honors from Nelly’s Extreme Institute.

She is now a certified songwriter, producer and songstress.

View Tri’Ana’s Video

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